Apparently, I’m a Horror Author

I’m not sure when it happened, but I write horror now. Two of the last three stories I’ve sold have been solidly in the horror genre. The most recent, “Camping with the Carnival,” was just released today in Night Terror’s Vol. 14. Check it out in eBook, print, or Kindle Unlimited. An eAudio version will be out soon.

To give you a little background, my family went COVID-camping with my sister and brother-in-law last autumn. They had been on their own weeks long camping vacation (what better way to have a social distant vacation), and we met them for the weekend at their last stop. That night, my sister described some of the stranger people they’d encountered at their campsites. I immediately thought those people would make fantastic characters in a horror story. And they did.

I’ve sold to this market before. My story “Shadow” made it into Night Terror’s Vol. 6. The odd part is my sister also inspired that story. I wonder what it is about her and horror stories.

Below is a little taste of “Camping with the Carnival.” I hope it wets your appetite for me.


A dark stain blanketed the tent floor. An equally dark trail ran over the entry lip, continuing through the campsite and out onto the road. Something about the ichor smelled familiar–like the blood of its usual prey–but not quite the same. This caught the intruder’s attention. It ducked inside, shaking the entire tent in the process and uprooting several of the stakes securing it to the ground. It paid no attention to the stains adorning the remaining tent walls like a gruesome Rorschach test. Licking its lips to remove the last of the sample it had tried, the figure turned back to the slick trail, following it toward the campground’s communal firepit.

2 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m a Horror Author

  1. Jason,

    There is no escape! Not from down here. Down here with the rest of us. You may struggle, but the more you struggle the tighter our grasp becomes.
    Can you here them down below?
    The chant has begun echoing off the slimy, twisting walls…
    “One of us! One of us! One of us!!!”

    …But seriously though…

    I have found myself more and more drawn into Horror circles, too. And it’s NOT demonic possession (I don’t think…?). It’s simply that there are great opportunities, great fans and interesting people doing this stuff. Most fundamentally, it’s just a fascinating genre with lots of possibilities. There’s Supernatural Horror, Cosmic Horror, SciFi Horror, it goes on and on. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, like in a good Horror movie, I feel myself getting sucked in, but I just don’t care any more. 🙂

    And congratulations on the story acceptance! See it’s No. 1 in Horror Anthologies on Amazon. Awesome!!

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